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"Book love, my friends, is your pass to the greatest, the purest, and the most perfect pleasure that God has prepared for his creatures.  It lasts when all other pleasures fade.  It will support you when all other recreations are gone.  It will last until your death.  It will make your hours pleasant to you as long as you live."

Anthony Trollope



We have been fortunate enough to follow our love of books over the past 30 years, enjoying the search for the rare volume that is someone's dream, and placing it in that person's hand.


We had been attending Science Fiction conventions in the New England area and beyond since 1985.  While strolling through the dealers' rooms and finding prizes and treasures, we found ourselves thinking "We could do this!"  


We started with my collection of original Star Trek memorabilia, and soon found ourselves spotting worthwhile books at antique stores, flea markets, library sales, yard sales, and used bookstores.


We found that book dealing was a hobby our whole family enjoyed.  Right now we concentrate on Science Fiction and Fantasy, but we've branched a bit into other genres.  


One of our most pleasant discoveries was the camaraderie among the book dealers at conventions.  Everyone was helpful and supportive.  One dealer mentioned that she enjoyed watching our daughter Becky grow from a toddler to a young lady through the years.


At one of our first conventions, another book dealer offered these words of wisdom, "If I'd spent the weekend digging ditches, I would have done less work for more money.  But I wouldn't have had as much fun!"


Now that we are both retired, we no longer deal at conventions, but we still attend as many as we can.  Our books are still available online at the Advanced Book Exchange at Eyrie House Books.


Also, we are now into Art!  We will be taking our creative pieces to local conventions.  Please see the photos on our Art page for examples.


Please come back and visit.


Kimball and Beverly Rudeen